Neil Macleod

Neil MacLeod’s highly anticipated EP ‘To Unfold’ is out now! 

The five-track record, produced by Devin Abrams (Drax Project, Pacific Heights, Shapeshifter) pulls together Neil’s raw lyrical honesty, downbeat electronic textures, and an emotional potency to form a beautiful and deeply introspective collection of songs.

‘To Unfold’ is a personal and emotive record, connecting deeply with listeners and allowing them insight into Neil MacLeod’s life and mind. The project showcases his ability to transport you to a dream realm, and above all, to make you feel something.


Neil’s first EP explored the concept of ‘Sonder’ - a term posted on ‘The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’. The definition of Sonder stands as : ‘The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own’. Neil found a deep connection with this concept and set about the task of inserting the feeling of such an experience into his music. Neil’s method was to write highly personal songs, that acted as windows into his private world, through which his listeners could gaze, and perhaps use to reflect upon the depth and complexity of their own lives.


Neil’s first real break in the New Zealand music scene came about through chance. During high school Neil decided to skip art class to attend a lecture his music teacher had organised. Neil quickly realised that this man, (Devin) was someone he had to connect with. On a whim, Neil sent through some songs to him and a year later the two began work on three songs that would eventually make their way onto Devin’s latest record, ‘A Lost Light’.